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Toilet Bike

According to, on February 17, 2013 a lesbian couple came back to their apartment complex only to find one of the partners’ motorcycle shield covered in animal feces and get this…..URINE! Although the bike itself was ok, the bike cover is another story.  Also where the bike was parked, on the concrete it said […]

Let’s Have a Look…

Have a look at some very interesting facts about gay hate crimes in the US.  After doing some research, I totally found out the same thing that I pretty much already knew (coupled with rather intriguing statistics), but also that people can be absolutely MEAN!  Like seriously, it’s amazing what a person can do when […]

Who Said All Elderly People Are Nice?

So apparently, a person must think twice before helping the “sweet” elderly woman walking across the streets these days, at least in Richland Hills, Texas anyways.  According to CBS Houston, in November of 2012 a 72-year old woman by the name of Wanda Derby died two months after being indicted for a gay hate crime.  […]

About THIS author….

Dear Reader, My name is Courtney J and I am the maker of this blog.  I am a 21 year old full-time college student with a rather interesting background.  Because of my background and experiences,  I will contest that I have  a very strong sense of self (mentality wise) and even socially.  I pretty much […]

About THIS blog…..

Dear Reader. So I know you’re probably wondering what makes THIS blog so special right? Within this blog my intentions are to enlighten the audience on issues within the LGBT community.  To be specific, hate crimes committed towards homosexual individuals in America, and even the world.  Is it ok to cause turmoil towards someone just […]