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My name is Courtney J and I am the maker of this blog.  I am a 21 year old full-time college student with a rather interesting background.  Because of my background and experiences,  I will contest that I have  a very strong sense of self (mentality wise) and even socially.  I pretty much have it all together knowing what, who, and where I want to be in life.  From a temperamental standpoint, I have always been against, bullying, violence, and abuse between the human race simply because we are ALL human.  What gives another HUMAN BEING the audacity, let alone right, to try and overcome or overpower another? The last time I checked, no else is special with super powers like superman, can turn green like The Hulk (without being ill), or even become a wolf or vampire as those in “Twilight”.  Cliche I know, but that was funny right? No? Ok….well back to the basics, although I am not a member of the LGBT community myself, the lifestyle has always intrigued me.  I have members of my family who can most certainly relate, and even developed friendships with those of the same.  The stories about discrimination  I’ve heard of those in the LGBT community were disgusting to say the least.  I remember conducting interviews of gay men and lesbian women about them “coming out” for a class assignment.  Although their experiences weren’t recent, a few of them still gave me chills when they were describing what they had to go through from close-minded people, once they accepted themselves for who they truly were.  Because of the different stories I have heard from different people in the LGBT community, I became more interested in the fact of the hates exuded against them;  which is why I decided to make this blog, looking into the lives of those damaged because of them being different. Hope you’re enlightened.


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