About THIS blog…..

Dear Reader.

So I know you’re probably wondering what makes THIS blog so special right? Within this blog my intentions are to enlighten the audience on issues within the LGBT community.  To be specific, hate crimes committed towards homosexual individuals in America, and even the world.  Is it ok to cause turmoil towards someone just because of their sexual identity? As crazy as it sounds, some might think it is justifiable just because “they don’t agree with it”.  But in this sense, is anything construed that promotes violence towards an individual just because YOU don’t agree with their actions, ways, or lifestyle? The whole world would be in shambles for that matter! No, everyone should agree to disagree; no matter how strongly of an opinion one may have. I want you to think about this.


Nonetheless, we are all humans occupying the same earth: water,  land and air! How much more selfish can you be to want to dictate another being’s life also? Think about it.  What also concerns me about “selfishness” is that no one cares until it is about them or someone close to them.  Why should this stipulation even matter considering the previous stated above? Think about this also. Although this is one of the perceived flaws we have as humans, does not necessarily make it right, in my opinion.  Whether you’re apart of the LGBT community yourself, for, or against it, I hope that THIS blog will help you; (whomever you might be) to take a look at this community, this lifestyle in a different way. And if you can think about all of what I’ve asked of you, thank you for making this blog stand out from the rest.


the writer of THIS blog


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