Who Said All Elderly People Are Nice?

So apparently, a person must think twice before helping the “sweet” elderly woman walking across the streets these days, at least in Richland Hills, Texas anyways.  According to CBS Houston, in November of 2012 a 72-year old woman by the name of Wanda Derby died two months after being indicted for a gay hate crime.  While unbeknownst of how she died, Derby was to appear in her first pretrial hearing January 14, 2013.  Wanda Derby was arrested last March for beating her son’s alleged boyfriend repeatedly with her walking cane and also using it to choke him…geez how violent can grandma get? And to top it all off, Derby was also accused of assaulting the 25-year old’s mother when she tried to come to her son’s aid. This is absolutely crazy right? Tell me about it. And you want to know why Derby did this? All because she was upset that her son was going to move in with the victim.

Self explanatory

Great, so a woman finds out her son is moving in with his gay lover and decides to cause a ruckus.  I mean seriously, I am pretty sure she more than likely knew her son was gay before this all happened.  Knowing this information prior to her awareness of him moving in with his lover, you would think she would be a little more receptive to the fact of that’s his business, and his lifestyle. Apparently not, because Wanda Derby was charged with assault AND aggravated assault with a deadly weapon enhanced as a hate crime.  Comical, now walking canes are deadly.  On top of the unnecessary violence and harm she caused in this young man’s life, Derby also yelled very derogatory words (while beating him with her cane) typically aimed at gay men. This lady is amazing right? Sarcasm.

Now here is the kicker, is the late Wanda Derby justified for beating a man upside his head because her son and him have this “life” together? No she isn’t, although someone VERY extreme just might beg to differ.  As previously stated, we all can assume this woman had to know of her son’s sexuality before the guy decided to move in with his boyfriend. I mean come on you can’t just “come out” and say, “Hey mom, I have something to tell you. I’m Gay. And yea, I’m moving in with my boyfriend”.  I mean well maybe that could happen, but having a mother with a temperament like hers, I highly doubt this guy took the cynical way out in telling her.

Seriously, what gives this woman the right to take her anger or frustration out on this innocent man HER son was involved with, and beat him and his mother with a cane? And because of her foolish ways, she was convicted of multiple crimes; it wasn’t like she could control it from happening anyways.  She should’ve just been more civilized as most elderly people, had a talk with her son, expressed her emotions and left it at that.

At this point I feel very empathetic for Derby’s son. His mom attacked his boyfriend who probably wants nothing to do with him at this point, she was convicted because of it and died before she could even go to jail.  This situation could’ve had a completely different outcome.  These guys lives are completely changed forever, all because she couldn’t accept her son for who he really was.


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