Toilet Bike


According to, on February 17, 2013 a lesbian couple came back to their apartment complex only to find one of the partners’ motorcycle shield covered in animal feces and get this…..URINE! Although the bike itself was ok, the bike cover is another story.  Also where the bike was parked, on the concrete it said “Fuck you move your dike (sic) bike now” in paint.  How rude? Yea well immediately Claudia Friedman and Christy Stewart (the actual owner of the bike) called the police afterward.  But ok let’s take a step back for a moment…someone took time out of their day, to gather animal feces (disgusting) and urine (even more appalling) and actually have the audacity to put it on someone else’s property? Let alone how foul can a person be to even want to pick up or touch animal waste long enough in their possession? I don’t know but I feel this person isn’t neat or clean…AT ALL!

Simultaneously, the police without a doubt categorized this disturbing act indeed as a “hate crime”.  The sad thing about it is, justice won’t be served (just yet hopefully) because according to Stewart, “Without witnesses, no confrontations with anyone in the past, the police officer said there’s nothing we can do”.  And to top it all off, in their apartment complex there are no security cameras installed anywhere in the parking lots; which isn’t that unbelievable because there aren’t any in my complex either. 

But, is it really ok to vandalize someone else’s property just because you dislike them and or their lifestyle? Bikes (and even the covers) are way too expensive to even think about damaging-at least for the owner.  Take for instance my situation; in my complex I have a specific neighbor who has two small children.  Give or take the kids are at least 3 or 4 years old but whenever they leave or are returning, they always manage to leave a small toy on the stairs and they’re super loud (seriously I can hear them from my bedroom each time) so does that give me the right to destroy those children’s toys just because I feel that they shouldn’t be there? No, if anything I can talk to their parents DIRECTLY or even take matters to the front office and they speak with them (which has already taken place).  People are seriously delirious now a days especially being that property is entitled to each American citizen no matter their sexual orientation.

Hence, despite the odds, Claudia and Christy have decided to take matters into their own hands.  They decided to leave their bike in the exact same spot it was originally parked in with a clean cover, and on a sign they wrote: “To the immature vandals: We are NOT moving our bike!” And even though the couple said they may have an idea who could’ve done the heinous act based off of dirty stares they have received, Stewart said “We stood our ground and said no”.  The couple also stated that being they have lived in the complex for three years other neighbors have supported them and have had no issues.  It’s amazing how relentless a person can be isn’t it???

“I would say ignorance is the most violent force in society. But you can’t fix stupid.”

-Christy Stewart


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