Gay vs. Gay Part 1

Recently, I watched a new episode of my favorite tv show “Criminal Minds”.  Literally I have seen every episode in every season, continuing on, this particular episode “Broken” was rather interesting and sparked a new aspect of homosexuality that I never thought about or even paid attention too-Christian sexuality conversion camps.  And after doing some research, it is actually a mind blowing subject.

Basically in this episode of Criminal Minds, a man who is gay, ends up killing 2 women and a man because of his identity crisis of accepting who he really is as a gay man.  He kills the women because he couldn’t get turned on by them (out of anger) and kills the man after sleeping with him feeling “guilty” and wrong about his actions.  The BAU ends up catching up to the guy and finds out that his father sent him to a conversion camp at the age of 15, and there he suffered tremendously.  The camp was actually pretty shady in their ways.   Part of the camp’s method of “cleansing” these young men into being straight was diverging hardcore biblical references into their heads, and get this; the camp worked closely with a prostitute to have sex with all of them, while their parents had to sit and watch.  How traumatizing is that?

On top of before going to the camp, the man’s father verbally abused him once he expressed his feelings and decided to open up to him at a young age, and his mother died years prior serving the country.  So without the emotional support and stability of his closest relative, being drilled bible verses, being raped by a prostitute while his father watched, and being told constantly that he should hate who he is, basically made this poor young man (in other words) crazy. 

The BAU actually went to the camp and interviewed the “leader” so to speak about what goes on there and how everything works.  The young men were not allowed to be in the bathroom at the same time, they could have no contact with the outside world, they were given “masculine” duties only around the resort, and basically they were stripped completely of their identities.  The camp leader was actually a graduate of the Christian camp and decided to take the role because he felt it was so successful.

After committing his third murder, the guy decides to hold his first love hostage (who also went to the camp) after he decided to come over and check on him after the killings-not knowing his friend was actually the killer.  They guy opened up to his friend who tried to help him but he wanted to take revenge on his dad who caused all of this in the first place.  Long story short, the killer ended up shooting his friend trying to shoot the dad and the BAU (as they always do) come just in time to stop him before he tries to commit suicide so he can testify against the horrors of the camp, after it was all said and done.  But, the camp was actually more disturbing than it seemed-every day each attendant was drugged into a coma like state and had to watch heterosexual porn. 

In all, this episode was a wild one, and thinking about everything how could a man who actually attended this camp and went through all of this agree to put others in the same predicament, especially knowing that it’s unlawful and unethical to say the least? Can you really change a person’s sexuality this way?


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