Gay vs. Gay Part 2


After looking around on the net, I came across an interesting story from a writer named Ted Cox.  Although written three years ago, his story “Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp” was quite compelling.  Basically this straight guy goes undercover at this camp in the middle of nowhere to get an insight on exactly how people really think they can “convert” homosexual men into being straight…which seemed more like manipulating in my opinion based on his story. 

Going back to the last post on the Criminal minds, a Christian conversion camp actually caused a person to be a murderer.  Not saying that that will be the effect of them all, but geez is it really worth it, going to a “camp” to try to change your sexuality psychologically? Well, according to Ted Cox, it’s all basically bologna. 

In his tell all story, Ted Cox basically paid $600 for three days of being an undercover gay man who (like the rest of the attendees there) desperately wanted to be straight.  He gives great detail in the first instances of arriving, the activities they participated in, and even his emotions throughout-this guy is actually quite humorous.  The camp seemed more of like a bonding, emotional kinda thing as opposed to the camp in Criminal Minds.  They sang certain songs, did role playing to get over past traumas, and even “held” each other after each activity, which seemed pretty suspect if you ask me.  And according to Ted at the end of the story, after he told a friend (who was also there) the real truth about what he was doing there:

“C’mon, do you really think straight men go off into the woods and hold each other?” I demand. “What about that all-night holding session you told me about? Does that sound like something straight guys do?”

Once I read his statement, everything before made sense! This camp (and even he speculated it) was conning money from these poor gents making them believe this could actually make them straight.  And one could only suspect that the leaders of the camp were even straight themselves.  So this brings me to another question, since money is clearly involved here, and (hypothetically speaking) the men running this camp are gay themselves, is this or even all conversions camps doing this because they really do not know? Or to just blatantly manipulate people into thinking they can change them for money? Or, if they are unsure on the science of humankind is it both? And the fact that it’s Christian (just like in Criminal Minds) is another story if that be the case, but shouldn’t there be more camps on helping men deal with this identity crisis as opposed to getting rid of it? Like “Camp OUTdoors”, which is more so for youth but helps all in the LGBT community develop skills and help them cope with being who they actually are, GAY.  But Ted’s story was an eye opener and you should check it out:

“Some people confuse acceptance with apathy, but there’s all the difference in the world. Apathy fails to distinguish between what can and what cannot be helped; acceptance makes that distinction. Apathy paralyzes the will-to-action; acceptance frees it by relieving it of impossible burdens.” – Arthur Gordon




  1. “And even “held” each other after each activity, which seemed pretty suspect if you ask me” – LOL!

    Great posts. Great questions. I actually attended “conversion therapy” for awhile, and no, I wasn’t dragged there by my parents. I admitted myself. I wanted to be a minister and thought I could “change” who I was. I now recognize that the attempt was rather pointless. I will say, and this is what makes it unique and confusing, that the people who run these camps and do the counseling actually believe that you can change. Most of their examples are from stories of people that can’t be verified, and dig deep enough, and you’ll usually find that they still say you can marry and “be happy” but you’ll always “struggle with sin.” It’s a silly result. Basically they are saying: You can get married to a woman (even if you don’t have feelings?) but you’re still gay deep down. Just don’t act on it. Sounded fishy to me so I ditched. I’ve been out for a few years now and I like it a lot better. I’d love to chat more sometime about this subject and to share some of the philosophy they tried to pawn off as science.

  2. I think this is a prime example of how people will manipulate other’s weaknesses for their own gains and reading that actually makes me much more concerned with the corruption in this world than I already was. I agree with you, there should be more programs helping people deal with their inner demons rather than inhibiting them and letting it manifest.

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