Party Hardly

Last month a man by the name of Lawrence Partida a.k.a Mikey, was brutally beaten outside a party in Davis, California by a guy named Clayton Daniel Garza.  The altercation started supposedly because of Partida’s sexual orientation.  Word on the street is that Garza was taunting Partida all night with homophobic derogatory terms, before the fight, during, and after.  But this guy Garza beat up Partida so badly that according to Gloria Partida (his mother), “He had a skull fracture, a laceration on the side of his head, bleeding and cuts on his face…” and also, “He had to have surgery to remove a two-inch piece of wood from behind his eye and had to have smaller pieces of wood removed because his face was impaled against a fence.”  Seriously, what really did this guy do to Garza to make him so violent? Because according to Davis police Lt. Glenn Glasgow, his sexual orientation triggered the fight “at least partially”.

I don’t know about you but to me this is BULL….Crap…everyone knows the guy Garza disliked this guy because he was gay, let’s just keep it real! But Garza’s lawyer wants to blame, wait for it…….wait…for it…. “SOUTHPARK” (yes the comedy central cartoon show) on the reason why it was justified for him to say what he said to Partida; along with “sociological studies” making the “f-word” more into a slang term.  Now being a part of this crazy generation of mine, I admit, the word is used more frequently than normal.  And yes guys joke around with words of that nature, but to blatantly disrespect someone, with the intent to harm them while blurting it out is a completely different story.  She can try to come up with all the psychological science facts she wants too, but logics are clearly defending what everyone sees, and knows what really happened.  But she is a lawyer so I MUST give her credit for that.

As of right now though, Partida is still in recovery from what happened to him and Garza has been released after having a $520,000 bail (wtf) and is awaiting trial on April 26.  And how awesome is Partida’s sister for making a fan page on Facebook which I myself liked, and really hope that justice is served on his behalf.  And here is the link to the whole story if you guys want to check it out:


Luckily for Partida he is still alive and walking to this day and he is healing although it will take some time.  And I happy he decided to still be the same person he was before even after this traumatizing experience, “I don’t want to be full of hate and aggression,” he says. “I want to be positive. I want to be a good person.”



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  1. Interesting. It’s crazy this kind of stuff is still going on in the 21st century.

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