Fire Starter

Although I am a month late, I came across a story that happened a while ago in Britain. So the Huff Post “Gay Voices” section had an article written last month about a gay teen who had been set on fire at a party.  First and foremost, wow.  How cruel and deranged of a human are you to even want to set another human being on fire???? Like what the hell!?

So this guy Jordan Shield who is 20 years old wasImage sentenced to three and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter charges against 18 year old Steven Simpson.  Simpson died the day after having multiple burn wounds in June of 2012.  And let’s get something else straight, this dude Steven Simpson had Asperger’s syndrome, and epilepsy -the syndrome is a speech impairment (for those who don’t know) epilepsy is basically a severe seizure disorder.

This is where it gets sad, reportedly Simpson was told to strip nearly naked (underwear only), and then drenched in tanning oil.  Hm….something sounds fishy to me, I mean I know Europeans have different customs and all, but why does this guy have a random bottle of tanning oil? Like how did you even obtain that to burn someone? *Scratches head* Outside of that, after showering Simpson with tanning oil, Shield then set him on fire.  Like just knowing that this was even going on and no one stopped him from doing this just sickens me.  Witnesses and no one even bothered to step in and at least say “hey chill out”, or “that’s enough”?  I don’t understand what did he get out of doing this to that dude?

The prosecuting attorney for the case Tim Warburton had the nerve to say, “While we accept Jordan did not intend to kill Steven, his actions did lead to his death.” Like seriously dude? He DIDN’T INTEND to kill him after willingly and forcefully drowning the guy in tanning oil (which is still odd)? Like he is even more delusional and deranged than the guy who actually committed this crime and got a measly 3 and a half years for this! Where is the justice system at here people? Honestly if someone did this to my child I would make sure they felt my wrath if I had anything to do with it.

Why put harm to someone just because they are different from you? This guy has disabilities and was sure of his sexuality.  Before they burned him they put “I love d***” and “gay boy” on him.  It’s just disgusting, to know that someone even has the guts to do something awful like this.  Is THIS really the world we are living in?

Here’s the link to the story here:


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